Divorce Mediation or Do-It-Yourself: Which Should You Choose?

While you may wish to avoid a divorce lawyer, it may not be the best idea to engage in a do-it-yourself divorce. Do you really know what is at stake by going into court without a lawyer? Do you know your rights completely? Most people do not, which is why it is not usually a good idea to attempt getting divorced without the assistance of someone with legal expertise even if you and your spouse can reach an agreement.

Divorce Mediation vs. Do-It-Yourself

Unlike the average individual attempting to handle his or her own divorce, professional mediators spend a lifetime studying, growing, and learning all about the divorce process. The process of divorce can be quite volatile with changes occurring on a frequent basis thus the reason mediators must consistently remain informed. There are so many changes: laws on alimony, child support, and property division are being updated frequently.


Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Because of the frequent changes in many of the aspects of divorce, you may find divorce mediation quite beneficial. Some of the benefits you may realize include the following:

Mediation is actually cheaper than a do-it-yourself divorce. While this might work well for couples who have only been married a short time and have no children, it isn’t beneficial for the average person.

Mediation provides couples with guidance through the divorce process instead of leaving them on their own to figure things out. You have an opportunity to speak with someone instead of being forced to wade through forms and read instructions only someone with legal expertise can understand.

Mediation allows you to customize your agreement instead of simply selecting from the most common options. Only a professional has the capability of really navigating the options properly.

You can determine what you consider a fair distribution of marital property and debts. When a person uneducated in the entire divorce process attempts to do it without guidance it can mean a less than equitable settlement.

Mediation allows you to spend all the time you want with your children: most likely a 50-50 custody agreement.

Most couples in do-it-yourself divorces simply followed the instructions with the divorce packet which in many cases is outdated. Mediation allows couples access to the latest custody options and even offers some non-traditional arrangements.

To decide which options is best for you contact an experienced Texas divorce lawyer. Click here for more about Texas divorce mediation.